Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coming True

I predicted this. Whoever succeeded G.W. Bush would have a tough time dealing with a country more fucked up than it has been since the 1930s. With an economy in shambles, wars still raging in Iraq and more seriously in Afghanistan, the healthcare debate bogged down with lies and fear mongering, the US is facing massive challenges. I harbored a secret thought that maybe it would be good for Mc Cain to win and then fall flat on his face, thus nailing the right wing coffin shut for good. But I was afraid he would not serve a full term and then we would have a bigger mess in the form of the Alaskan nutcase, Ms. Palin.

It almost seems that the success of the now right wing controlled Republican Party is in direct ratio to the stupidity of the American voter. Believe the lies. Believe the "American Dream", whatever that is, and for sure "me first".

The success of the Republican Party is in direct ratio to the stupidity of the American voter. Believe the lie. Believe the American dream. Make up stories, scream it over your airwaves (something like 66% of Republicans think Fox News is 100% accurate and unbiased) bully, hinder, lie, lie some more, take money from your wealthy clients and businesses (conflict of interest anyone??) and be sure the haves have and the have nots are told they are just fine as they are.

But the Dems are getting on my nerves as well. We live in an era where "Profiles in Courage" (John F. Kennedy's (well, maybe his book, that is a story in and of itself) classic book about politicians who stood up for what was right and fair despite criticism and personal defeat) has become "Profiles in Poll Numbers". I just don't get it. 60 Dems, 40 Repubs in the Senate, Democratic majority in the house, and a few Republicans and failed nutcases (Palin, Limbaugh, Cheney, Blunt) are calling the shots. As Rachel Madow put it, when describing the Democrats wishy washy cave in to the right, "I have seen overbred teacup poodles that are better at dealing with sudden loud noises."

Then there is Barney... Way go to man!

Thankfully someone puts down these clowns and tells it like it is. Sadly, Barney is not President. I think Obama is floundering, badly. Meaningful healthcare reform is dead, Iraq and Afghanistan will rage on, the economy will sputter on and off.

The Repubs got us in the mess, and as it was in the Depression, they will throw bricks at every attempt to clean it up. But unlike the 30s, politicians are not as civil.

Win at all costs, keep your numbers up and damn the people.

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