Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marvin Parker Memorial Garden X

It is hard to believe it is actually August 20th. Not only has 2009 sped by, we have weather more like April than August. Usually by this time the grass is burnt out from days of drought and relentless sun. Fields are brown, flower gardens wilted, lawn sprinklers out in force and usually by now the newspaper has featured a photo of squealing city kids splashing in an open fire hydrant. Not seen a one.

It was a cool and breezy 62 degrees when I walked over to the garden this AM. Grass wet, cloudy, a rain storm over night that blew over a large tree on 38th St. Police had to leave their morning donuts to block traffic and allow the crews to remove it.

I didn't take the camera to the garden, it being all dark and gloomy. Besides, she is not the most photogenic these days. Some gardeners never got started, their plots looking weedy and forlorn. Some have neglected theirs. The sweet corn, a big failure this year as the odd weather did not provide the hot, humid nights corn loves, is turning brown and falling over. The not so bright idea of planting acorn squash in the corn rows did nothing but produce nuisance vines. Sue's big tomato plant is defying all attempts to keep it upright. The cool, damp weather has propagated tomato leaf rust on most of the plants. My romas keep producing, despite the clumps of brown-yellow withered leaves. Too bad most toadstools are poisonous, we have a bumper crop.

Toadstools in August, don't think I have seen that before.

I did get a bounty today, most of the tomatoes are from the community crop. A few peppers from mine, the community string beans, a couple of the miniature eggplants from an abandoned plot and a big old stalk of basil from my herb garden at the palace.

I think there will still be some good eats and bounty from the garden as the summer closes. This week is supposed to be moderately warm and drier, allowing the tomatoes to ripen and the ground dry a bit, reducing mold, rust and rot. I know am enjoying the bounty, and it is fun to share the rewards with my friends and neighbors. Those that deserve it, that is!

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