Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Salina Is Still A Drag

In my old road warrior days, I used to spend some time in lovely Salina, KS. Salina is about half way through Kansas on I 70 and thus is a logical place to stop or stay if you are doing business in that part of the world. Any further west and you are in Denver before you get to much civilization as we know it.. that is chain motels, Mc Donald's, shopping malls and Applebee's.

The company I worked for had an operation in Salina and in near by areas as well, so the comfortable and reasonable Salina Holiday Inn was my home away from home for many a night.

I can say with authority that Salina was a drag.

The choice of restaurants was limited, mostly comfort food, lousy restaurant food and fast food joints. One evening, my colleague David and I drove the 180 mile round trip to Wichita for sushi.. we had little else to do.

I have not been to Salina in a long time but I understand that the Salina is a drag tune is still true... only this time it is literally a drag.

It seems the Kinsey Sicks, a "Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet" performed at the recent Smoky Hill Music festival held annually in Salina. Now remember, this is Kansas, Sam Brownback country, home of Fred Phelps, creationism, the place Dorothy escaped from. A drag show in middle Kansas??? Brave I'd say.

Reaction was really quite positive and the crowd really enjoyed the show. Who couldn't love a song "Going to the Chapel and We Can't Get Married" or "Rent a Homo for your Party"? The Salina Journal paper reported that those attending laughed.. at the show, themselves, Kansas leaders (Sen Brownback became Sen Bareback or Sen Brokeback) and acknowledged the leadership of the festival and the Kansas Arts Council (who will probably get all their money cut by slimy, arrogant Repubs) for their effort in bringing the troupe to the festival. One 80 year old man interviewed said he enjoyed the show encouraged them to return to Salina for another show. I am sure many stayed away, fearful and ignorant of what they would see. All they missed was a damn fine show and some good laughs.

So Salina, I guess you are still a drag... but a drag of a different color (or should I say drag of a different mascara) now. I commend you. You made a big step, and probably don't realize it.

And as a plug. Kinsey Sicks will be performing at my church Country Club Congregational UCC in October.

Sadly, I don't think there is a church brave enough to invite the Kinsey Sicks to perform in Salina... but maybe a seed has been planted.

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