Friday, June 19, 2009

Coupl'a Things XXI

1) As the old saying goes, be careful of what you ask for, you might get it. I had been bitching about the cool spring and now it looks like the 90s are here for a while. The AC units are roaring, the towers treasurer is bitching about power bill (but this pathetic twit bitches about birds in the yard so I don't listen to him much), the doors are swelling and sticking, needing constant attention and pugwalks have been suspended until further notice.

Summer be here now!

2) Obama, you are beginning to be a disappointment. Ok, he has at least not been a George Bush and the world still seems to love him. But his scattershot approach to the economy and strange Supreme Court nominee (I don't trust her) has me wondering about him. This "fierce advocate" for gay and lesbian rights, as he called himself in the campaign, has turned out to be a paper tiger. No firm stand on marriage and allowing the Department of Injustice to issue a defence of the "Defence of Marriage Act" (the most hypocritical and laughable piece of "legislation" ever written, future generations will get a kick out of it) that made Rush and Pat Robertson giddy with glee that the administration agreed with them that gay marriage was the same as incestuous marriage, were supposedly tempered by giving a few Gay and Lesbian employees a few benefits, but not full equality and temporary ones at that. Our G/L "leaders" such as the Human Rights Campaign, did little but express regret and muted praise. We need to stop supporting those who can't come to grips with the fact that GLBT people are citizens and deserve equal treatment. Took the USA a war and then a hundred years to figure that out over racial equality.... maybe we need a war?

We wont... all the queers I know are just dreaming of moving to the mythical warm climates where they can party all year long in expensive locales. Dumb asses.

3) Saw a cute semi-staged reading of an old play "The Octette Bridge Club" as a benefit for the Coterie Theature, KC's children's theatre. Bravo ladies!

4) Tried to think of something else... but it is not coming to me... so guess that is it. How's that for a finale?

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