Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama Thrown out of the Class

Catholic priest Rev. Ron Elliott said he would put a couple of books about President-elect Obama back on the library shelf of St. John LaLande Catholic Church in Blue Springs, MO. It seems Rev Elliott had received complaints about the Obama books from parishioners. Why? Obama is pro-abortion. He now says he plans to return the books after the inauguration.

The elementary level picture books describe Obama’s childhood and his rise to the nomination for president. Elliot admitted the books are harmless: “They don’t begin to touch on that (abortion) they don’t touch on anything controversial at all, they are just about him growing up, with pictures of him smiling.”

"Mary Margaret, that man may look nice, but he wants to kill babies". I guess that is the message the good Padre wants to leave for his kids.

But, it is OK, according to the Catholic clergy, to support the death penalty and war, hardly positions that are "pro-life". I suppose it would be more important for Rev Elliott and his flock to support a candidate that opposes abortion and ignore that the candidate supports cutting programs for the poor. Since when did care for the sick, old, in prison and injustice become non issues with the church?

You know... I would never encourage my daughter to have an abortion. But certainly if she did, I would want it to be her choice. That is the crux of the abortion issue.

Rev Elliott may disagree and that is a shame. Poverty, injustice and hunger are bigger dangers and more pressing issues than abortion in my book. And in the "good book" too

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Anonymous said...

The problem with bringing politics (and politicians) into the church is that you're always disappointed; the 'man' always fails you sooner or later.

On another note, like many, I can't believe Obama is headstrong about Rick Warren on his very first day, Mr. 'gays are criminals' according to the Bible. Well Mr. Warren, that same book justified slavery, too. Should Barack, Michelle, and the kids be sent to the fields to work a plow?

It just seems that if you're gay, Obama is the first to sacrifice your feelings on any matter. I'm sorry. I get pissed off on this issue. Until Obama sees that an affront to gays is an affront to all of us, he doesn't 'get it.'