Saturday, December 20, 2008

Invoking Anger

Like many, I am dismayed at Obama's choice of Rick Warren to lead the invocation at his inauguration. Warren is an outspoken supporter of Proposition 8 comparing gay marriage to incest polygamy and pedophilia. He does have some good progressive values: he is concerned about global warming, telling fellow evangelicals it is not just made up hooey and he is supportive of AIDS work with a caveat... only when it involves children in Africa. But he is solidly in the right wing when it comes to gay issues. Gay leaders are of course quite upset. The gay community got behind Obama early and solidly, voting overwhelmingly for him. Some evangelicals, on the other hand, continued to support the theory he was not American, would not wear the flag and was really a Muslim. Needless to say, evangelicals were not solidly Obama.

Obama said he is passionately supportive of gay issues and that "It is important for America to come together, even though we may have disagreements on certain social issues." He went on to say that the Rev. Joseph Lowery of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference would give the benediction. Lowery is a long time civil rights leader and supports GLBT causes.

So that is supposed to make iit ok. But is this any different than having an anti semitic leader start the cermony, but close with a Rabbi? Obama would never think of that. To initiate dialog with others of different view points, would it not be fitting to ask a KKK Grand Wizard or what ever they are to talk about the evil of having a black man as president? Is this further "proof" of black homophobia as some have mentioned.

No one will win on this. But hopefully Obama will learn that Proposition 8 has ignited the GLBT community. He will have to listen.

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