Thursday, July 24, 2008

HM Writes a Letter to Murphy

Here in is presented a letter to HM's dear friend Murphy the Pug, You can check out Murphy here: Murphy the Pug

Royal Personal Correspondence
HM, The Queen
Puggingham Palace

July 23, 2008

Dear Murphy,

Here is somes of the news at the Palace.

There was DRAMA at the garden last week. We has a community gardens where my servants grows some foods, but nothings I likes, there is no Purina or cheese growing there… or liver. I ordered the Royal Limo to takes me there so I could sees the squish (ed. Note: HM means Squash). When we arrived in splendor, I seeds Mr. Andrew and Miss Sally who grows foods there too. They had a d-o-g Zaydee with them.

Murphy… Zaydee is a strange looking d-o-g. She’s a wiener d-o-g but has somethings else too. I think she has some terrier-ist in her. I calls them that because they are terrors. I likes her, and we sats in the shade and watched the peoples pull some weeds and gets some peppers and squishes.

Then, Murphy, it was a disaster! Alongs comes Wilbur! Wilbur is a 14,567lb 80 foot high Great Dane. You could put 83 Zaydees on top of each others and there would still be room for my Glorious Presence.

Zaydee did not likes Wilbur. She went coo-coo. She attackeded Wilburs and barked and snapped and chased and bit at the big locomotive d-o-g. Wilbur is a bit of a puss and went running. It was hilarious, Murphy, the little wiener d-o-g chasing and scaring off the big Great Dane. I snorted my Royal Approval and Amusement.

Wilbur gots in trouble as he smashed some plants and ran all over the place. Zaydee went to Miss Sally and stayed away from Wilbur. Wilbur went home, I banished him from my Royal Sight. Zaydee and I dranks some waters and then we went back to the Palace as it was too hots. Also Wilbur drank a whole bucket of waters, he is a pig.

A couple evenings ago, I hads an impromptu garden party with my new Subject and Royal Friend Olive. She is a little 1 year old black PUG! I likes Olive. She is a black olive, but she has a green collar with a reds stripes so it looks like a green olives. I tolds her she needs a brother names Martini. I likes having a PUG neighbor. My other neighbor d-o-g is a mop named Gracie. We also has a neighbor Willie, but he is as big a galoot as Wilbur. I thinks Olive is the bests.

Thats all the newses from the Palace. Our best wishes to you, dear Murphy.

Puggles, QOP, SRA

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