Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Picture This...

Picture this...NBC TV...1990...

Blanche: "My life is an open book..."
Sophia: "Your life's an open blouse."

Sadly, Sophia is not around to shoot zingers back at the easy target that was Blanche. Estelle Getty, the diminutive actress who spent most of her career languishing in small roles before landing (on her 3rd try) a supporting role that later turned into a starring one in 1985 as the sarcastic 80 something Sophia Petrillo on TV's "The Golden Girls," died today at 84.

Getty worked her way through stand up, vaudeville, stage and small movie and TV roles before gaining screen immortality as Sophia. The Golden Girls was one of the jewels of TV comedy, winning multiple awards. All the show's stars won at least one Emmy, a feat equaled only by the stars of "All In The Family" and "Will and Grace".

RIP Sophia.... now no one will ever know what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

(If you were a Golden Girls fan, you would remember that Sophia let it slip she knew the fate of Hoffa)

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