Friday, June 06, 2008

A Message to Jefferson City

Ok, you State Drones, get to some real work, if you have any.

Us who work and pay our taxes to support you are sick of you using State time and computers to dig up dirt on Jay Nixon. Most of the Missouri Department of Administration seems to have read my blog in the last couple of days according to my site logs. What were they searching for: "Jay Nixon".

Yes, I was critical of him in a recent post. But let me make this straight, I think he is 10 googleplex times better a leader than your silly ass, childish, vindictive, ignorant little prick Mattie Blunt. A trained flea would be a better replacement in my opinion. And I just may write one in on the ballot in November, provided you let me vote.

The level of partisan mudslinging on the part of the Republicans in this state has reached historic proportions. I blame it on a spoiled little brat of a Gov, steeped in Republican arrogance who can not accept the fact he failed and has damaged the state. Like his big bro Bush, he thinks we are the ones that are wrong and only he, a messiah from the right, has all the answers.

Hope for some change in November. But sadly, not likely in this now moribund right wing bastion of "Missery"

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