Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kicked in the Teeth By Jay Nixon

I am madder than a wet hen at the presumptive Democratic nominee for Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

I was not surprised at all to see our increasingly irrelevant Boy-Gov using his state supported mouthpiece (ie the Missouri Governors official web site) to rail against gay marriage. I was not surprised Blunt acted like the pretentious little bully he is and taunted Nixon as to why he did not join other 10 other Attorneys General and ask the California Supreme Court to stay a decision on gay marriage.

What pissed me off royally is that Nixon caved in.

Now, Jay, with one little decision, you get kicked on all sides. Bunt is crowing "told you so... made you do it... nya nya nya". The state hates the little pecker, Jay...IGNORE HIM! Now, gays and lesbians and our supporters feel even more betrayed. Kicked in the teeth. Through many of your statements, it is obvious you are not a big supporter of our community. You missed an opportunity; by staying silent, you could have won a small victory. By speaking out, you lost it all.

And it was all for nothing, the California Supreme Court didn't listen to you.

I can't support you Jay Nixon. As so often happens with African Americans and other minorities, you take the gay and lesbian vote for granted. You think you can do what you want just because you are a Democrat and we'll vote for you just because the opposition is even worse. No more. I'll do Libertarian, Green, VooDoo, or even Communist to be sure I do not cast my vote for you.

I have asked Puggles if she would run for Governor. She declined, stating she would rather remain Queen of Pugs and Supreme Ruler of Alaska. Missouri is a lost cause, she states.

I could not agree more.

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