Saturday, June 07, 2008


No Butts about it, Derrie-Air is a fake airline. The cheeky little ruse was exposed, or the case cracked as it were, after ads for the "airline" appeared in Philadelphia area newspapers. Derrie-Air, the "world's first carbon neutral airline" advertised "by the pound" fares such as $2.25/lb Philadelphia to Phoenix and proudly stated "the more you weigh the more you pay". They promised to plant a tree for every pound of carbon their planes would generate.

Derrie-Air is firmly seated on the ground however. It was simply a one-day campaign created by the papers' owner and its ad agency to "demonstrate the power of our brands in generating awareness and generating traffic for our advertisers, and put a smile on people's faces."

As fat as I am, I would have stuck with Southwest.

Read the website, it is a hoot.


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