Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Cook"-ing With Gas

Nine, count them nine different articles or stories in today's paper regarding the local boy David Cook winning "American Idol" and ONE on the horrendous news that oil is $135/bbl insuring that everything from soup to nuts will be more expensive, more jobs will be lost and families tossed into chaos.

Why does no one care? Why is a silly, contrived TV show more important than the economic future of the country and one's family? If 1/2 the people who voted for David Cook would get out and vote in the up coming elections (provided the Republicans let them with their desire for new poll taxes) we'd have a real government. Voter registration is up, turnout may be higher for this election... but that remains to be seen. It depends on what is on the "great glass tit" of TV that night.

This indifference is not just confined to the USA. In Britain, gasoline is over $10/gal. The last time gas rose dramatically, truckers and such blocked roads and stations in protest. The country almost ground to a halt. Now, protests quickly sputter out, unable to attract any participants.

They must all be watching "Idol".

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