Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pancake Musings

I didn't have pancakes this AM.. I was out of Aunt Jemima and was too lazy to restock. Thus some pancake musings, sans pancakes.... probably better for me anyway.

1) Many of the rich and pseudo-rich here get catalogs from all the high class rich people's stores. The "needless mark-up" (get the hint) of some of the items lends credence to the old saying "a fool and his money are soon parted".

Thus the amusement over the $110 flip flops. Yes, the very same silly fashion that has swept the nation. These utilitarian shoes have become high fashion. I think they are uncomfortable, hard to walk in and annoying to boot. Besides, as a kid my mom wore them, probably bought at Woolworth's, and whacked me on the butt with them when I misbehaved. I think I have a psychological aversion to them. But look around and everyone is wearing them everywhere, all season long.

But $110?? Just for rubber and canvas shoes with a designer's huge logo plastered all over them?? They go with their $100 tank top and $75 baseball cap.

2) I was brave yesterday. I made an edit to a Wikipedia entry on Mahler's 10th Symphony. I noted that two new recordings had been released in the last couple of years but had not made it to the list on the entry. So I added them. It was cool.

By the way, I have everyone of these recordings except the Martinon and the Harding which has not been released yet. I am working on the Martinon.

How many can say they edited an encyclopedia article? I also sang with Dolly Parton once, but that is another story.

3) Some nice rain and moderate temps have been good to the garden or so I am told. Have not been there in a while.

4) Memorial Day weekend is here, cool and rainy now. We'll see what the rest of the weekend brings. I have a lot planned for Sunday so I hope for the best.

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