Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is here, Spring is here, life is skittles and life is beer. ~ Tom Lehrer

I love this time of the year. Trees in bloom, grass a soft, glowing emerald green, flowers peeking out from the brush, the earth becoming alive from the dead of winter.

Yesterday was perfect, 60's to lower 70's in temperature, a cool steady rain with an occasional boom of thunder and wind to remind us nature is really in charge. The Bradford pear trees in full bloom along Broadway, in Westport and in our front yard. A sea of delicate white blossoms, soon to float to the ground creating the illusion of an April snow. Puggles enjoys the soft green grass and the return of her beloved birds. Walks in the park are frequent as the cool, less humid air is just right for her.

It won't last forever, but in my juvenile mind, I wish it would. By July, the relentless sun and heat will turn much of the grass brown, the trees begin to look stressed, the concrete becomes a furnace. At the Palace, we spend a small fortune keeping the yard watered, an island of green surrounded by the starker reality of summer.

Maybe we do create our own illusion of eternal spring here at the corner of 38th and Baltimore. If you have enough money, you can do that.

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