Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just Have to Ask

Despite rumor to the contrary, I do shampoo what little hair I have daily. But as one can imagine, I do not splurge on high priced, fancy products... just the basics, generic if I can find it.

At my last trip to CVS, they had VO5 products on sale so that was the one I bought. Again not too picky, I reached for the most convenient bottle. Turns out it is a pleasant shampoo "Vanilla Mint Tea Therapy". Real mint, vanilla extract and chamomile tea. Even though it sounds better than some concoctions I have tried, I have so far resisted the urge to drink it. Some of the other ingredients may make it a tad bitter.

So later on doing some dishes, I note with interest that my new dish washing liquid is made with "Real Lemon!".

So, I just have to ask, why is the lemon juice that I keep for human consumption fake?

Oh, it is all used up for the detergent, silly me.

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