Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boy-Gov, "Mission Accomplished"

Well, it seems Mattie Boy Blunt, soon to be ex-Governor of Missouri, is sticking to his story that he has accomplished everything he wanted to and thus being perfect is heading off to conquer something anew. His news conference today really shed little new light on his decision. Underlying it is still a lot of second guessing that he was not willing to face certain defeat, was not up to a long battle and if there is a smoking gun somewhere involving the Eckersley affair.

Of course he felt he was perfect, had made the world a better place and we should all thank him for his benevolence. Just like his hero GW Bush, he can't admit he was wrong, he has to make everyone look bad instead.

The last time a Republican bellowed "Mission Accomplished", the country was on the verge of entering a bloody civil war of our own making in Iraq.

It will take years to undo what Mattie "accomplished" just like it will take generations to undo Bushie's mess.

God help us all.

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