Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dag Nabbit and Shoot, no Cussing in Bars

Further example of what happens when Republicans become entrenched in your area: a council person in St Charles, MO (one of the "reddest" of the St Louis suburbs) wants to ban cussing in bars. Dag nabbit, and shoot all to heck, and no table dancing or drinking contests either. Both of the latter are highly unusual due to liability issues.

But of course, this right minded, "for the children and decency and God and Constitution" Republican wants to make a political issue over nothing. Grandstanding to win votes and higher office and being a perfect sop to the church goers who likely are the bar's biggest customers (and cussers for that matter). Who cares if it is in violation of the 1st amendment? The Constitution, like the Bible, can be used to justify almost anything. Who cares if it makes the place the laughing stock of the nation? Being "right" to your loyal constituents is more important.

To show how magnanimous the nice city council man is, read his comment taken from a TV interview:

"I actually think there are things that people wish I was doing that I'm not going to do like shutting down the bars and stuff and that would be being the fun police."

Go back to school and learn how to form a sentence, dumbass. Whoops! Thankfully I am no where near St Charles, or I would be in trouble!

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Anonymous said...

This kind of trend is making the rounds again. Must be an organized effort, because two of my favorite tech forums have had these "concern trolls" working overtime to ban any post that is not safe for work or children. When you read either Pato News or my blog, the last audience I'm writing for is kids or the huffy fundamentalists.

Sure, cursing in public is annoying to hear; sports events are prime examples of drunks screaming obscentites for 3.5 hours next to you. (gets old real fast). But they might as well ban smoking in bars, too! Oh wait, Bloomberg's already done that in NYC.