Monday, January 07, 2008

Still Haunted

It is STILL haunting me, that damn number 13. I do not think there has been a day since this past Summer that I have not failed to note a digital clock reading 13 minutes after the hour. I just happened to glance up at my computer screen and it was 8:13AM. Since I awoke at about 6AM, it was the third opportunity of the day to see it, and I took advantage of it. ARRRRRRGH.

I am not alone in this, in response to an earlier post on this, (Haunted) I received two responses from people with similar phenomena. Coincidence? Maybe, as "nuahcerpel" suggested, instead of modeling Devil's Tower from mashed potatoes, as in "Close Encounters", we are receiving a signal from something more powerful than us.

If the aliens, the end of the world, George Bush being proclaimed ruler for life, or other awful events are near, please come quickly. I am getting tired of this.

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