Thursday, January 10, 2008

Primarily Speaking

The fine folks in New Hampshire, possessed of one of the most stubborn streaks of any group around, confounded the pundits and gave a boost to Hillary and Mc Cain in the Primary last Tuesday. Hillary's win and Obama's strong second after a win in Iowa gives the Dems a 2 person race. With Mc Cain winning in New England and Huckabee in Iowa, the Repubs are wide open. Mitt Romney looks weaker and Guliani looks like a joke now. Mc Cain tanked in South Carolina in 2000, will he do it again? Will Obama's courting of Blacks in SC give him the edge? Will Hillary's "cry" gain her sympathy or be the kiss of death, igniting "women are too emotional and weak to govern". Tell that to Maggie Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Helen Clark (New Zealand) or Benazir Bhutto.

What about NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg? Is he a spoiler in the making?

Damn, we haven't had so much fun in years!

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Bloomberg is nothing but a ghost candidate. Sadly, no third-party candidate has a chance to win against the machine politics of the US. Maybe he will if he just wants to dump $140m off his checking account.

Daily Kos is endorsing Romney and asking all Michigan Dems to crossover in the open election and vote for him, just to keep him in the race and make them all burn more money against each other.

I can't remember so many people taking a swipe at a black guy or a woman — just for being black or female — in my life. For example, does the heckler who shows up at Hillary's events with a big sign that reads, "IRON MY SHIRT!" really think he's pissing her off? She's rich, successful, and hated by all the right people.

One more observation: anyone else notice that not a single candidate is talking about certain big issues, such as gay rights and global warming? Last time I checked, the most fundamental human rights issue around gets no mention on the teevee, or by anyone. And since we whipped global warming, there's no need to talk about electric auto technology either.

Guiliani? He's holding out for that NYC vote bastion. Why bother competing elsewhere?