Monday, October 15, 2007

All The News We Know....

1) It seems that the fall of America on Line continues. Tomorrow is a mass layoff of staff at it's Virgina offices, furthering the company's move away from an internet provider to... well I am not sure what, neither do they it seems. AOL has become the Reader’s Digest of internet service providers since only people old enough to forget to cancel or do not know how to cancel still pay for it.

2) Furthering the notion that the religious nut balls both Christian and Muslim are such sweet, peace loving people in touch with God, a coalition of both in Uganda has proposed all gay and lesbian people be sent to an island until they die, wiping out homos forever. God, save us from your followers.

3) My friend Steve's ex-mother-in-law passed away this past week. Thankfully it was early enough in October to spare her the ignominious fate of her husband and have her funeral on Halloween...night. Not kidding.

4) Her Glorious Majesty is happy. A new supply of Purina 1 arrived today for the Royal Pantry. She can sleep easier now. And so can I.

5) I needed some rum. I have a couple bottles of fabulous Nicaraguan Flor di Cana rum, one bottle of 18yr old Centenario Gold and one of the special Centenario 21, numbered in a ceramic bottle. But occasionally I like a good old rum and coke. Flor di Cana Centenario is too rare and good to mix with Coke. So I got a bottle of Bacardi. YUK! nasty crap. I guess I am spoiled.

6) I got pissy with the local health clinic I go to for my diabetes. I get a regular blood test called an A1C report that is a more accurate reading of your blood glucose than the finger stick I do at home. I asked if I could get my results if I called. "Nope, not without an appointment." I had been going monthly but now my Dr wants to see me every 3 months, so I would have to wait until 3 months to hear my results.

Fuck them, they did not get my blood today. I just don't care. It is my blood, my results, my disease and I deserve to know. Fucking regulations.

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