Monday, February 05, 2007

Puggles, Boggles and Bagels

Puggles, my 7 year old purebred pug becomes absolutely unglued when she hears people refer to a new breed of dog as a "Puggle", or the plural "Puggles". When she was named Puggles, the "Puggle" was unknown, a mixed breed, a mutt. Now they all the rage, commanding 4 figure price tags and getting lots of attention in the media. They were soon joined by Labradoodles, Bagels Cockapoos, Boggles and Pugshires, to name a few.

A fool and his money are soon parted, so the old saying goes, and in this case it is likely true. Why do these people pay thousands for a mutt when you can get one at the local shelter for a hundreds, maybe less in some cases?? People who buy into this shameful practice want an animal that has been de-animalized. He doesn't pee on your rug. She doesn’t shed. She doesn’t bark. He doesn’t do a damn thing. Might as well get one of the Jetson's robot dogs. As soon as the newness and the fad wears off, the dogs end up in pounds and then euthanized.

It is that simple however, and are these dogs specific breeds or not? To get a new puggle, you have to start from scratch, with a pug and a beagle. Two puggles will not breed a pup with the same traits as the parents. They are no different than a mix breed bred by accident.

On the other hand, many of our "purebreds" have been manipulated to produce dogs with certain qualities and characteristics. Thus the stringent "breed standards" used by breeders.

My biggest complaint on this subject is that the new designer dogs are being mass produced in puppymills for a hungry market. These dogs are being bred by the thousands in large animal factories, many of them with conditions that will sicken anyone with a heart. Some claim to be USDA approved, run by good Christian people (barf) and claim to be making sweet puppies for all the sweet families and lonely old people. But in reality, it is a factory, making things, and if the dogs do not produce they are discarded, usually shot or mass euthanized. I have seen the rejects from puppy mills, sick emaciated dogs, many not able to walk as they have never left a cage. Is this what we want in order to get a perfect dog that does not shed?

Whatever you do, DO NOT GET A DOG FROM A PET STORE. Check out your breeder, look at rescue options and take any pet purchase seriously. They are living creatures, and deserve our love and attention. They certainly give us enough.

Stop Puppy Mills

Pug Rescue

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