Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Humiliating Jobs

I own a TV and have super digital (0r whatever they call it) service with like 789 channels of drivel. Of all that, I watch basically one, the Weather Channel, as it is the only consistently relevant program. Since the building pays for the cable, I take advantage of it, as there might be something fun now and then on one of the channels.

So, occasionally, boredom leads me to channel surf. QVC, The Cartoon Channel, Food Network (not worth a damn now since they no longer show Japanese Iron Chef), all pass by the clicker. What a wasteland, shades of AM radio.

I did see on some channel a show called Dirty Jobs. Not sure which channel it was on but the concept of spending an hour with a sewer worker or a slaughter house janitor left me cold. I went to bed.

But that chance encounter inspired me. I think there should be a show called "Humiliating Jobs". Jobs that make people look and act absolutely ridiculous. And I have a perfect candidate: The person dressed as the Statue of Liberty for Liberty Tax Service.

These must be the new hires, or the fuck-ups. I can't imagine anyone willingly doing it. All kinds of weather, day and evening, waving, looking foolish. Maybe they need the money, maybe they have to do it or get fired. In any case, I feel for these schleps, and worry about the sanity of those doing it willingly. Has there been an escape from the loony bin?

I was heading down 39th street and past a newly opened office of the company. There stood Miss Liberty ( never knew she was a 20-something black man) waving and dancing. As I passed she leaned over and waved at me and gave me a thumbs up. Should I wave.... or hope she quietly disappears?

One thing for sure, If they think I am going to entrust my taxes to someone who dresses in poor Miss Liberty drag, they have another think coming.

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