Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lies, Lies, Lies....

"Michael J. Fox is faking his illness."
"John Murtha is not a real Marine."
"John Kerry faked his heroism"
"Bill Clinton caused 9/11"
"Global Warming doesn't exist"
"Iraq really did have WMDs"
"Katrina victims were better off in the Astrodome"
"Clinton left FEMA the way it is"
"Liberals hate America"
"Bill Clinton is to blame for the poor economy"
"Liberals don't support the troops"
"Immigrants are ruining our economy"
"Cindy Sheehan hates our military"
"Protesters deserve to be shot by police"
"The Geneva Convention is unclear when it comes to interrogation"
"Missouri women will be forced to donate their eggs to stem cell research."

All lies Republicans have perpetrated in the past few years.

Vote em OUT!

On a more happier note congrats to 12.213.80. who at 3:38:14 pm became the 2000th recorded visitor to Pato News! 12.213.80 hails from Syracuse, NY.

Whoever you are THANKS FOR BEING A READER!!!

Oh yes, set your clocks back and CONGRATS ST LOUIS CARDINALS, WORLD CHAMPIONS!

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