Thursday, June 08, 2006


OK, what is it with the craze for tattoos? I am on record here as absolutely despising them. If, on that first night of sex crazed passion, my partner undressed and revealed a tattoo riddled body, I would likely lose all interest completely. So far I have not had the opportunity to test my theory, but I feel that strongly about it that I think it would be a good bet.

It used to be tattoos were reserved for those serving time in San Quentin, those in the shallow end of the gene pool or a souvenir of a drunken night in Bora-Bora while in the Navy. Now they are sported by men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Digital cameras and web forums allow the newly inked to show off their “art” to everyone. In the PugVillage web forum, several threads have been started over the past years showing off member’s tattoos, several of them pug tattoos.

It seems the more colorful, outrageous and gaudier the better. Why do people insist on having ugly snakes, skeletons and ghoulish creatures indelibly stamped on their arm or other places? I remember the guy who used to wash our office windows in Independence. He and his wife must have been covered in the things. He sported a huge eagle on the back of his neck and bald head. Fuck that had to hurt. Today while in HyVee getting lunch, two skinny Latino men with tank tops came in, every exposed part of their body covered in some scary looking scribbling. Do they really think that is attractive?? Maybe we should adopt Arab dress and cover them in long robes… One can’t tell if an Arab is scribbled on.

Whatever has started this trend, I wish it would go away. And don’t get me started on the piercings.

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