Friday, June 09, 2006

Million Dollar Baby

Mrs. S was ecstatic this PM when she picked up her mail. "OH! My People Magazine is here, it has the Brad and Angelina baby!!" She looked at the sweet pic of the two stars looking at a little baby girl drooling and cooing. "They paid $4million for this" she shook her head. "$4 million for what, the baby?" I asked somewhat bored. No, there was a bidding war to get the first pics of the baby and People paid $4million for them." I was further bewildered by the human race.

Why? They are just baby pictures. Is this the only time we will ever see the kid? Is she going to be proclaimed as Divine and secluded in a remote temple until she emerges as the new Goddess? If not, new pictures will undoubtedly appear and in a few years we will be sick of the kid.

I do not know her parents well. I have seen a movie with Brad Pitt (don't remember the name but it was awful) and know he is originally from Springfield, MO and left the University of MO to go to Hollywood. He must have made it big. As for Mrs Pitt, Angelina Jolie (that has to be a made up name), I do not have a clue who she is or know if I have seen a movie or show she has done. All the hoopla baffles me. Mrs S was quite happy to be the first on our block (or at least in the towers) to see the little tyke. Is there now a bounty for the first picture of the baby burping? Would you like to see my first born's first picture. I have copies for $1.25 or 2 for a dollar.

I hope the Pitts are happy with their millions, I am sure they need it. I guess I need to start taking more pictures, and maybe someone will pay me for them. Somehow I doubt it.

UPDATE: My faithful reader Zaine enlightened me about the whole deal. Apparently they are giving the money to African charities and had the baby in Africa to publicize the plight of African children. So some good is coming from all the hoopla. I also read that People Magazine increased the cost of this issue by about 50cents, I guess the readers are the ones to pay for it all. I don't know the monthly sales of People Magazine but I am sure the $ will make at least a dent in the $4million figure.

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