Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"House Lights Down and Spot Light on the Piano.."

Known interchangeably as "Hell Week" or "Production Week", we are counting down the days until the performances this weekend of "A Homecoming" the final production of the current Kansas City Heartland Men's Chorus. It the 20th anniversary of the group, therefore this is a concert of favorites, chosen in large part via audience survey. I think they did a decent job; surprisingly, many of the songs are the more serious "political" or tear jerker songs. A couple of the fun songs creep in to liven up the thing.

Tonight was the Technical Rehearsal. Lucky for us, this show is not technically demanding. Sort of "HMC Unplugged" as Joe our music director stated; just Lamar on the piano and us. There are a few solos, but no production numbers, dancers or all that. These are the ones I like, as my clumsiness and my cluelessness on left and right get me flustered. The rehearsal went ok. The lights were not right, and the projections onto the screens were too big and bright, but that is what the night is for, to work out the bugs. It is also our first rehearsal at the actual performance venue, the Folly Theatre.

Tomorrow is Dress Rehearsal, the final go through before the opening. We try to run the show as if we were actually doing it. We are not in our full dress, except those who have specific costumes and props. Standing all eve renders my legs jelly and gets my poor abused arm tired. Since there are a lot of us this time (135 or so) we are a bit squished in. Thankfully, I scheduled a chiropractor apt for Thurs.

The demeanor of the chorus members change as well. They focus, are less silly (just a bit less, and tend to come together as a group. There are more handshakes, hugs and pats on the back to each other as we prepare for what we have fretted about and sacrificed our time for: our concert. We will sing proudly, boldly and live our mission statement: Our voices enlighten, inspire, heal, and empower.

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