Monday, January 10, 2011

It Snowed

It snowed, It snowed
It snowed last night
Everything is sparkling with diamond light

("It Snowed" ~ Meaghan Smith)

Outside of my Ipod, where I have a copy of this ditty in a Christmas music collection, I will not hear those words today around here. What I will hear is:

"look at this shit"
"That's it, I am moving to Florida"
"Can you believe this?"
"I am so sick of weather"

Ad nauseum....

Yes, Virginia, I can believe it; Snow in this part of the world is a fact of life, been doing it for a loooooooooooooong time. And, friends, we can't do much about it quickly, but we are making great strides in getting rid of this "shit". Keep feeding global warming, using petrochemicals, burning off forests and this "shit" will either disappear or take over the world, which ever you prefer. You will soon be sick from no weather at all.

As for Florida, the few times I have been there you can keep the place. And with a newly elected crook for a Governor, rampant Teabaggers and a population of rich aging people, the toxic political climate is not a fair exchange for a few rays of mosquito infested sun.

You know what? Just chill (pun intended). Make a snow man, throw some snow, get out and shovel a bit and work off the belly fat, use the scarf Aunt Mabel knitted for you, relish the fact that the decay of this crazy city is covered for a few moments in glimmering crystal. Then take your time getting where you need to be, or stay home and read, build a fire, relax, hoist a glass to the men and women who make a living removing snow, pay a neighbor kid a few bucks to shovel the drive, the possibilities are endless.

Why are we this way? I chalk it up to the fact that we are all just old and living in a dying empire, bombarded by negativity and frustration. As for me, I have already relished the sight of the world around me covered in fresh snow, the cold, crisp air with the snowflakes dancing around me. HM has enjoyed a snoot full as she snorted around in the stuff, remembering all over again that she likes it. I felt 10 years old again until a neighbor came out and moaned and whined.

Enjoy the winter wonderland while it lasts; you'll all be growling about the heat in a few months.

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