Thursday, May 06, 2010

Leave It To Beavers

I am bemused today by reports from Alberta, Canada of a giant beaver dam so big that it is visible in NASA and Google satellite photos, giving it a certain cachet along with the Great Wall of China and the Panama Canal. Supposedly Sarah Palin can see it from her window.

The dam is situated in northern Alberta's Wood Buffalo National Park and stretches about 1/2 mile deep in the forest.

Busy little beavers they are, using just their instincts with no government money or environmental oversight, the dam has been a work in progress since the 70's. Canadian citizens, with their usual good humor, were proud of the accomplishment of their furry mascot accompanied by cheers of "own the podium!" and a sense of pride that the structure was one of the most impressive things ever built in Canada. Some were wondering, however, if this dam thing was not the work of one giant beaver or maybe a conspiracy of rodents to take over Alberta. Perhaps a government plan to produce "green" power by installing generators.

Any way, here is the pic. I am assuming the large brown thing is the dam.

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