Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thanks a Lot

AS the US continues to spiral into terminal stupidity, the state of Massachusetts replaced an icon with a moron.

We can expect more of the same.

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Anonymous said...

And the idiotic corporate media took less than eight hours to ask if he will run for president in '12. A little faster than Obama's 143 days in the Senate before he launched his campaign.

We now know the Dems (and Obama!) are corporate whores who are inept. But if they don't get some jobs in this economy, the villagers (independents) will race to put those batshit insane patients back in office known as repubs. Scott Brown is just a newer Mitt Romney. And given what Obama has done for the biggest civil rights issue of our times -- gay rights -- why not exchange one "do-nothing" guy with the next?

Yesterday's Supreme Court decision now treats corporations as Super-Citizens, so for now, the democracy will soon be a corporatocracy.
PS: The video in the next post was fantastic!