Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do Right

Pessimism reins in the world today, sorry to say. Our political system here in the US has degenerated into childish partisan fighting. Character assassination and hypocrisy rule, compromise and concern for the future is laughed at. The rest of the world has its own issues, ignoring the growing radicalization of Islam, the coming collapse of democracy in Latin America with courtesy of Chavez and Ortega, churches and religious organizations are resuming the role they had in the Middle Ages, a corrupt and cruel arbiter of strict morality.

But yet, on a day we mourn the death at 100 of Miep Gies, one of the Dutch couple that hid Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis in an Amsterdam apartment attic during World War II and also saved Anne's diary for posterity, there are some folks that quietly and relentlessly do some good in our world. But they never make the headlines, those are reserved for the haters, the powerful, the hypocrites and noisy.

Thus, a little headline news for these folks today:

1) In a cold, dark storm drain in a school yard in Las Vegas hides a terrified stray Pug, keeping himself just tantalizingly out of reach of his desperate would-be rescuers the dedicated volunteers of Southern Nevada Pug Rescue. They have been on a 24hr vigil for several days now, trying to coax the little black pug pup out of the drain. They will not rest until there is success.

2) My neighbor Mrs Ford, who does not have to work, but leaves in the bitter cold, often the first one out in the streets in our neighborhood, to open the day shelter for homeless people here in KC. She tells me that so often she would love to stay in bed, knowing it is cold and snowy, but then she remembers those who have no bed, or roof, or food and thus she treks out again.

3) The Federal investigators who relentlessly perused and finally brought Cathedral Rock Corporation, one of the most corrupt and abusive nursing home providers to a modicum of justice. Sadly, the big wigs who have all the connections escaped prison, but at least the years of fraud, abuse and corruption were exposed for all to see. It took way to long for it to happen, but the investigators got their facts in line, double and triple checked them and made them admit they were frauds.

There are many more I am sure, but they make such boring news for the screamers on TV and radio. They are more concerned about calling names and fabricating lies to advance their ratings.

Thanks to those mentioned above who do try to make this mess a little brighter.

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