Sunday, December 13, 2009

In a Bad Mood

On this 13th of December, 2009 I hereby declare I am now 100% apolitical. I hate Democrats, Republicans, independents, Joe Lieberman, Sarah Palin, the idiot mayor of Kansas City, and all others but Jolie Justus, the hard toiling but ultimately frustrated State Senator from our district.

The mere fact that the US Congress can not see the fact that people need health care and talk real reform down over what it might cost while we waste trillions of dollars and thousands of lives on war is pathetic. How do these mothers sleep at night? Oh that is right, they are taken care of and are rich and powerful. Fuck the rest.

I am glad, however, that the health care deal is going down in flames. It is worthless; forcing people to buy likely lousy insurance, making the insurance companies richer as they continue to collect premiums and still manage to deny payments. Without a public option, it is worthless crap. Come on, fellow citizens, the rest of the world takes better care of their people and they have not slid into fascist states, espouse communism or worse. Frankly, they are laughing at us, but the "leaders" still think our system is the best. The pansy Congress has not the courage to say "let's move forward", because well... the bribes were nice and I do have re-election coming up, can't do anything to piss anyone off.

Oh,by the way idiots, listen... we are already paying for insurance big time. Not through a tax, but through high prices and bankruptcies as companies struggle and fold trying to pay for health benefits.

This rudderless, sinking bulk of a country is fucked beyond all belief. Our industries are shadows of their past; no one wants to buy US autos, Boeing can't get its new plane off the ground, everything is made overseas. We are a nation consigned to selling hamburgers to each other.

Discourse is at rock bottom. Most nations would be proud to have their president receive a Nobel Peace Prize, the US thinks Obama's is silly and undeserved.

So I am just saying fuck it with the rest of you, sitting at home getting drunk and hopefully becoming a burden to you all.

I sort of agree with Obama's former pastor Jeremiah Wright, God Damn America.

I think he already has.


Anonymous said...

Don, your problem is you haven't bought into the new American dream: get on disability and enjoy Hillbilly healthcare!

There's no "reform" in this healthcare bill, but there is a mandate forcing us to buy shitty insurance we can't use from a for-profit corporation that was able to get "annual limits" in the bill.

If nothing substantial can get done with a majority of Democrats and this Obama guy in office, then what hope is there for anyone that follows, i.e., what difference does it make?

melprophet said...

Good post Don!

This is the new America my friend...a country owned and operated by corporations in which our elected officials are merely managers serving themselves for personal gain.

It's not Washington D.C. anymore, it's Washington Inc.