Friday, November 13, 2009


In my post of yesterday, I used the expression "olé" a couple of times. That reminded me of a funny story I heard from a friend several years ago. The story was told to me second hand, and thus I am not able to confirm its veracity 100%. But knowing both men involved, I can assume it has a modicum of truth.

The fellow involved in the story is a United Methodist clergy. As is custom with the Methodist Church, a pastor is moved from church to church in an appointment process. Usually, younger, less experienced pastors are placed in smaller churches, often in smaller towns. Thus this city reared boy found himself pastoring a church in a small town in south central Missouri.

The town boasted a spanking new and shiny Mc Donald's by the interstate exit. It was his routine to go there (about the only place in town that was clean enough to frequent, he moaned) for a morning coffee which he would take to his office. Upon approaching the counter, he was enthusiastically greeted by a "dull eyed, but eager" young lady; the type that feels a job at Mickey D's is the pinnacle of success. Our hero ordered his coffee, but in a moment of feeling superior and a bit devilish, he asked for a "café au lait". The young lady dutifully went to the coffee machine and poured the exact amount into the waiting cup, as she had likely done hundreds of times.

Slapping a lid on it, she turned and handed him the cup. Flashing a big smile and proudly holding the perfectly poured cup of coffee she exclaimed....


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