Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coupl'a Things XXVII

1) I love my series of "Coupl'a Things" of which this is the 27th entry. It allows me to ramble and to write about what is on my mind without a lot of effort. They are just short snippets of things I am thinking about, reflections on what I have seen or heard or am musing about as I go through life.

2) As I posted on this evening on Facebook, when all else fails make tacos, and be sure to have margaritas a-plenty. One of my favorite childhood evenings was taco night at home. Mom would cook ground beef and onion while the "Old El Paso" taco shells (comes complete with taco seasoning packet!) were warming and crisping to perfection in the oven. A bit of chopped lettuce, salsa, tomato and onion and it was a fiesta! So what if the average Mexican would say it was "basura" or worse "mierda", in Central Illinois it was as close to Mexico as we would get circa 1970.

I was supposed to go out to dinner tonight, but my dinner partner begged off. I lied and said I had something to fix at home. I actually did, but I was sick of the chicken and pork chops I bought in quantity on sale. It was too late to find another dinner date and after much deliberation and hand wringing, it was off in trusty Dunbar to the store to see what inspired me.


They called to me from the Mexican/Chinese/Spices isle at my local Gayfresh: "Estoy aqui!" Seduced me is more like it. I made a mental note: have lettuce and tomato at home, need sour cream (a must), ground beef, taco shells and shredded cheese. And as luck would have it, "Old El Paso" still makes a taco dinner kit, complete with shells, seasoning and a package of salsa! Got it.

Gomer's (despite the name, actually an excellent liquor store) had the Salvador's Margaritas at a good price so all was set.

And I just grabbed my margarita glass thinking it was the computer mouse so I know this was a successful taco nite.


3) This is a ship rudder:

I have been thinking of rudders lately. A ship rudder steers the boat in a steady, correct direction and keeps it from tipping over. There are so many organizations that are rudderless lately; my church, the USA, the US Congress, my condo building, my life in many respects.

Where will we find the rudder we need to steer us though the stormy waters?

I have no answer, thus another margarita is in order.... olé!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, food memories are good ones. All mine center around chocolate milk and white bread. I know, I know, but so worth the diabetic coma for a day.

Don, you have the knack my friend, the rare ability to tell a story and yet it's not written as one, just experience shared with envious clarity.

Quo vadis was another generation's question, and it's come around again. I like to think of John Lennon's song, I'm just watching the wheels go 'round and 'round....