Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coupl'a Things XXIII

1) I am pleased to announce that the Queen Mary is out of prison and is now owned by a nice fellow in Independence. She was sprung yesterday and through a fortuitous situation, she is now in a garage waiting to be licensed and a new battery.

It was hard to let her go, but it was best for me, as I did not have the $ to pay off the horrible city of KCMO. How she got out is a story that I will not tell in public. Suffice to say it skirted legality or violation of this idiot city rules and I want no further trouble from them.

Go forth QM, go on to your new home, actually in the state of your birth... and ride in style.

2) Bigger news is that the QM will be replaced by a 1990 Buick Century from my late aunt Pauline. My Uncle Howard (her brother) has it and does not need it. I am going to Galesburg, Il on 10/2 to pick it up. Only 61,000 miles and a new paint job. Should be a good car. I am still going to bike and walk locally as it is good for me. But will be nice to have wheels to go longer distances.

3) Scotch has reappeared in my liquor cabinet. I am enjoying an early but deserved glass of Bowmore, a fine, mid range Islay scotch. Smooth but with the peat smoke and tang-of-the-sea flavor that makes Islay scotch so damn fine.

4) The garden is still producing, but I will not take pictures as it looks like hell. I got some tomatoes, my beans are going fine, the peppers are plentiful and I got another eggplant.

5) HM's Palace News Report: She is most highly NOT AMUSED. She got a bath (second in 5 days due to her skin allergy) and the evil vacuum cleaner paid a visit. If you see a fluffy fawn pug walking along with a bag containing her food bowl and food bag, please return her.

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