Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Queen Mary: A Swan Song

Yes... the fabled Queen Mary is likely gone....sadly not my real choice, but I am being pragmatic and facing the inevitable.

She is the victim of my recalcitrance to license her in MO, being slow to license in IL and not paying some tickets from 2004. So the KC police decided she (and I) were a bigger menace than druggies, vagrants, shooters and such and spent 3 officer's time and 4 hours being complete jerks. Since she was a menace, off to the tow lot she goes.

Sadly, all sentimentality has to be set aside and I have to realize it would cost more than she is worth to get it back. So they can have her. She understands... she was running on borrowed time anyway. The paint was shot, the tires were shot, the engine was starting to nickel and dime to death, plus I know underneath she was a rust bucket waiting to happen. She was junk yard bound anyway.

For $1000 4 years ago I got my money's worth.

For now, I am forgoing automobiles for a while. I am sick of police, speed traps, red light cameras, no turns, bla bla bla, all for this hell hole of a city to make money. I got a bike now, for the long distance runs. I can walk to:

Drug Store
Post office
Barber Shop
Liquor Store
Favorite Bar

Express Bus direct to:

Crown Center (not like I go there every day)

I don't think I'll miss it much. I will later, I am sure and sometime a new vehicle may occupy my spot. For now, a further simplification of my life.

Queen Mary: July 23, 2005-August 7, 2009

The Queen in her Better Days:

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Anonymous said...

And she leaves you sadly herself, but knowing that she gave you pleasure while she could!!

Sorry Don........I am beginning to understand why bead selling in IL has begun to interest you.