Thursday, June 04, 2009

Coupl'a Things XX

1) It was announced that midtown KC will lose its only auto dealer next week. Conklin Fangman (which Bruce promptly christened "Cocky Fagman") Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick is closing on June 13. They were among the dealers GM is axing in its ill conceived recovery plan. Conklin Fangman took over from Major Cadillac a couple of years ago, remodeling and featuring a busy service department. You see the thing about Caddy owners is they take care of their cars. My neighbor has a 1998 Caddy and it is serviced regularly, on the dot. But GM and its handlers say "screw you" and just because Honda and Toyota have fewer dealers, that must be the key to success. Really, if you can't find a place to buy a GM car, then why do it at all??

We used to have several dealers here in Midtown, Fisher Buick-Chevrolet, Broadway (then Marcus Allen) Ford, and the aforementioned Caddy dealer, who added Buick when Fisher left.

Thankfully, I have the good old Queen Mary still tooling along.

2) A big cheer for the people and legislature of New Hampshire who has joined the 21st century and the ranks of the fair and progressive and legalized same sex marriage. I think Missouri will be among the last, along with Alaska and Arkansas.

3) In the same vein of GM's stupid move, Irish low cost airline Ryanair is considering charging for using on board toilets and has supposedly asked Boeing, who supplies its aircraft, to engineer credit card swipe mechanisms for the loos.

Piss on Ryanair..... I think some may just do that.

4) This is my 18th Coupl'a Things post. It replaced the Pancake Musings since I decided that pancakes were just a strain on my diet...still love the damn things though....

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