Saturday, May 09, 2009

Marvin Parker Memorial Garden V

Cool weather, some nice sunny afternoons and plenty of rain has made the garden grow. I came by to weed and clean my plot and found some of the other gardeners planting corn, hops, okra and tomatoes in the community plot. Someone scavenged some bamboo and started it for some reason. Pole beans were planted as well. Someone, too lazy to look, has set up a windmill tower for the beans to climb.

I hear some early spinach has been harvested.

I didn't see Greg with his camera, but he caught a nice shot of my fat butt weeding the onions and peppers I have in my little plot:

They seem to be doing well, I don't have 160 of them but I have quite a few. Shallots, yellow and red ones. One of my peppers was broken, but I hope to save it. The Roma and heirloom tomatoes seem to be doing well so far. I have some space where the early onions seemed to disappear into the wet ground so I am thinking of adding an eggplant or two.

Back home, the herbs are in. Sweet Italian basil, spicy basil, Thai basil, chives, oregano, rosemary and mint are all in their little pots. Will bought some basil after I had planted mine, so they now grace my south window ledge outside.

Lots of work, and really can be costly if you add in all the plants, fertilizer, time, energy...etc. But what fun and what a feeling of accomplishment when you get to munch on your own home grown tomatoes (nothing better), fresh herbs and your own little but sweet and luscious pepper.

Besides, keeps me off the streets.

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