Sunday, May 10, 2009

Coupl'a Things XVIII

1) One thing I like about my new church is that we actually have some young kids in the congregation. Each Sunday a little knot of youngsters come forward and hear a short story or engage in an activity with the pastor. Sometimes it is the highlight of the service (I'll get in trouble for that I am sure!)

Today being Mother's Day, the kids got to do something a bit out of the ordinary; they got to make a mess and spread paper, each of which had a picture printed on it, all over the floor. Rev Howell asked them to look through the strewn paper and bring him a picture of a family. Each munchkin grabbed a piece. "How is that a family"? He asked. "A mom is holding a baby", was the answer. "Why is this a family"?, he asked the next. "Because they are all helping take care of the baby", even though it was a picture of two men a child of about 8 or 9 and a small baby. "They are a family because they all love each other", gleefully chirped another little lady.

What a pleasure, how refreshing. Kids not saying "that is not a family because there is no mom, or there is no dad, or two dads or two moms can't be a "real" family". I guess there is hope for a future where families are judged because they care and love each other, not by some rigid concept that excludes any thing beyond a mom and dad and 2.5 kids.

2) Mother's day is not one of my favorite days. I am not a mom, so no rose or flower for me. My mom died almost 12 years ago, so no calls or Hallmark greetings are needed. My usual lunch buds, Bruce and Greg are lucky enough to be older than me and still have their frail, but still caring mothers and were off with them. Puggles never had pups so even she could not celebrate. Jean, the closest thing I have to a "mom" here, had her real son actually call her and so of course she was off to see him. So off to home alone, some home cooked lunch and a nap. Missing out on all the fun.

3) Ok, since I am bitching... it is May 10th. It is cold, I had to turn on the portable heater I keep in my bedroom as it was chilly. Who is holding all the warm weather?? Give it up... thank you.

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