Thursday, May 28, 2009

Coupl'a Things XIX

1) Daniel called this week to announce that he and Stephanie are moving to Lincoln, Nebraska. Daniel got his own store with Guitar Centers. He seems thrilled, but a little nervous about it, and to be sure they didn't give him much time. Stephanie, I am not sure about, I didn't talk to her, but she was looking for a job, so maybe Lincoln will give her a better opportunity.

I was about the same age when I drug my young family to Jefferson City, MO from Illinois. Jefferson City was never on the short list of places to which I would have relocated, but there you have it, I did, 2 kids born and grew up there, one buried there. Maybe Lincoln is the Jeff City for Daniel. Hope it turns out a bit better for him than it did for me in JC.

It is amazing, my little D is big enough to run a huge operation, making decisions, hiring, firing, buying, selling, listening to customers and employees bitch. Makes me feel old.

Good luck, kid.

2) Greg suggested I thin my onions out and that the ones I pick would be fine green onions. So I did and now have a crop of great green onions to use. They are quite good.

3) Please... go away Susan Boyle. I am one who is NOT a fan.

It is not because of her background, or her looks, cheeky act or all that... she can't sing.

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