Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coupl'a Things XVI

1) Tax Day. Wrote my measly checks out to the state and feds. One thing, about the only thing, I learned from my father was that you don't manipulate your taxes to get a big refund. Don't give the government all your money and let them use it and not give you the interest, he preached. So I get as close as I can get. $89 to the feds and a whopping $9 to the State of MO. Gotta finesse a bit to get maybe a few bucks back next year. When Maria turned 21, I lost her as a deduction so that caused the deficit.

I love the tax instructions. It even prescribes how you are to write out your check. The amount is to be written as $XXX.XX NOT as $XXX.-- or as I do $XXX.00/100. I did it the latter way by habit, and I bet you anything they will cash it.

2) Happy Birthday yesterday Daniel. You didn't call me back...grumpy pants. I love the Siffl and Olly stuff.. that is a hoot. Read Daniel's blog Save Continue.

3) Going to check out the garden today as the sun is shining and it is supposed to be a bit warmer. I hope to see lots of little onions sticking out of the ground. Gave some onion bulbs to Gina when I was last there, I was sick of the damn things. She asked when do you know they are ready. The package was no help as it said "harvest when mature". So I checked and when the stalks begin to droop over and before they seed. That was not much more help... so we'll wait and see!

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