Friday, February 06, 2009

High School Bass

The old proverb goes: "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."

So why not teach it in school and have it as a competitive extracurricular activity? Some here in MO are proposing just that, High School Bass Fishing Tournaments. Bass fishing is insanely popular in some areas (just for the record, I have not the patience for a fish to come and try to eat my worm.. bores me to death.. I'll do my fishing at the supermarket) and big time and big money bass tournaments are popular all over. So if HS basketball can turn out the next LeBron James, then why not the next Bass champion.

Frankly, I am all for schools keeping kids occupied, if it is fishing instead of running amok, all the better.

It certainly would not be something I would watch. Imagine a bunch of anglers, cheerleaders waving pom poms: "Rah Rah Wee! Go Missouree!! Rah Rah Rass! Catch that Bass!!!" Of course I would be rooting for the Bass.

When contacted, the Bass population in Missouri was strongly not in agreement.

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