Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dad at the Mall

A funny for the day:

I took my 92 year old father to the mall a couple of days ago to do some clothes shopping. As is typical of most 92 year olds, he tired soon so we went to the food court to rest and grab a bite to eat.

A teenage young man took a table next to us and began to eat his lunch. Dad stared at him intently, attracted by the kid's mane of spiked hair gaily colored in orange, blue, green and red.

Soon the teen noticed him looking. Every time the kid would look up, dad would be looking at him, brows knotted. When the teen had enough, he looked straight at Dad and said sarcastically, "What is the matter old man, never did anything wild in your life?"

I quickly swallowed my drink so as not to spit it across the room as I knew Dad would have a snappy comeback.

Without batting an eye he said: "got roaring drunk and had sex with a parrot one time. I was wondering if you were my kid."

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