Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coupl'a Things XII

1) My daughter Maria turned 21 on Sunday. I guess now that all my offspring are adults, I am officially old. I talked to her on Saturday, called her at Midnight on her phone from Waldo Bar and Grill and sang Happy Birthday to her along with Barb and Jeff. She was hacked that her 21st was on a Sunday as the bars were closed in Fayette and also in Columbia on Sunday. Thus she had only 1 1/2 hrs to drink legally on her birthday. If I know her, she put the time to good use.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA... always a Princess to me.

2) Thankfully a big winter storm has passed us by, giving the south and east a real taste of winter. We had flurries all day, and it is cold as can be, but no ice and only a skiff of snow. I can deal with that.

3) Whoever invented the margarita should get a Nobel Peace Prize.

4) Facebook is wonderful. I have not had so much fun since I got hooked on the old AOL chat rooms :) I have connected with current and new friends and, so wonderfully, connected with a fellow with whom I was an inseparable friend all so long ago.

5) More margarita = more peace... have one more, in the name of world peace of course.

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