Saturday, December 06, 2008

GOOD EATS...small prices

Yep, things are expensive out there. Gas prices have plummeted, but not so the prices of other commodities that rose due to "high transportation costs". Among the worst, grocery prices remain out of sight. But I am finding ways to get some great food items for a lot less. It is even more fun than a visit to the local SunFresh (aka GayFresh).

Check out local farmer's markets or fresh markets. Many large cities have an outdoor or even indoor market that sells fresh produce or specialty foods. Today at the Kansas City River Market, I got 6 huge green peppers for $1. Yep.. 1$ for 6. Nice ones too. Combine with a nice fresh bunch of asparagus for the same $1 fee. Greg got 10 limes for $1 at the same stall. Onions were 2 for $1, Got some of those too. Few places charge by pound as they do not have a scale. Many do not charge tax either.

Another good source is the local Asian or international market. In the same area, there is a huge ChinaTown Market. Yes it smells funny from all the fresh fish and strange spices, and this one continuously runs huge fans which roar above you like prop plane on take off, but there are some great prices and bargains on common and not so common items. This place has fresh baked French baguettes every AM. 75cents a piece. Not real long ones, about a 6 in roll. But damn, nice and flaky-crunchy with a soft flavorful center. YUM! I love mushrooms and picked up a package of dried shiitake mushrooms for $3. Tons of them. They won't spoil and the liquid you soak them in can be added to the soup or sauce for more flavor as well. Thai jasmine rice? I got a huge bag, probably 5-6 lbs for $3. Price at the store? 2 lbs for $6. Lots of these markets sell fresh meat and fish (as mentioned) at great prices too. Want some goat meat?? They have it!

Besides good prices, you are keeping your money local, not sending it to Bentonville or some stakeholder in New York.

So tonight?? Fried rice with some shrimp, green pepper, onion and mushrooms. The baguettes are gone.. that was lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Hey now! What the hell are the rest of us supposed to do? I haven't eaten a vegetable in over 35 years. Why should I suffer just because I love processed food, massive starch injections, and sugar in the form of chocolate? It's a cryin' shame.

Putting a bell pepper in front of me would be like putting hay in front of a deer. I'd sit there and stare at it until I starved before I would eat it.

I envy you. I hate your ability to eat healthy!