Monday, October 06, 2008


Ok everyone, leave OJ Simpson alone...ok? He is a man of his word and did what he said he would do. After 13 years, he helped bring the "REAL" killer of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman to justice. Yes, it finally happened. The real killer was finally locked Nevada.

And for us
Triskaidekaphobics, we are reveling in the conviction after 13 hours of deliberations, for a crime committed on September 13th, 13 years to the day after his acquittal for murder.

More reasons to avoid 13.

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Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! I had no idea. I skipped my 13th ice cream bar tonight and went straight for #14. It worked, except my stomach aches now. Couldn't be the ice cream. Ice cream would never hurt me. Had to be those damn veggies.
For someone who all he had to do is lay low and play golf until he died on the course, OJ was a true hot head. It's got to be the brain chemistry.

Or the veggies.