Friday, September 12, 2008

Wedding Bells V: Reflections

As is usual, I sort of did this whole wedding series backwards, starting with pictures of the reception and then my reactions and observation of the wedding. But it also allows me to go full circle and end, for now, with some general reflections and anecdotes, mostly fragmentary but straight from the heart.

What I thought would be one of the more difficult aspects of the whole weekend, being near my ex and trying to ignore her, was actually a non event. We both broke the glacier early and managed not to snipe at each other, at least not publicly. As I reported in a previous post, I even reflected that we had managed to rear a great young man, respectful, intelligent, hard working, devoted and loving. The kid never, ends a conversation with me without saying that he loves me. I never told my dad that, nor he to me.

My favorite person at the reception was the waitress with the sushi platter. I sought her out all evening as the hors d'oeuvres were being passed. When it came time to have some cake, I passed as it looked way sweet and loaded with chocolate. "I'd rather have sushi", I mentioned to my sister. The Sushi Lady heard me and I got a nice assortment of rolls for dessert. Daniel, a sushi-aphile like me, was pleased.

It is most difficult for me to come to the realization that Daniel is now a responsible man in a responsible married relationship. I can't help seeing the somewhat manic, live wire, squealing (tease him and he could squeal a high C that would shatter steel let alone glass) little rat is actually a mature man. Daniel will do well in life, he has the right spirit. I just hope the evil forces that prey on the good will pass him by.

And it was not just all about Daniel. Seeing my Princess Maria, now almost 21, grown up too, was quite sobering. Here she is.. making her own decisions, going to college, doing "adult" things (that is what scares me!) and forming her own view of the world. I can only remember her wanting to play and watch TV... and loving her huge stuffed dog Patrick. I felt ancient.

Driving home on Sunday, I felt relieved that all went well, no major drama, and that a new family was beginning. My little rental machine full of goodies, me full of hope and good food and plenty of Martinis. Sadly missing was Her Majesty, she was still enjoying her stay at the spa, her nails manicured and receiving unbridled attention.

The most nerve wracking day for me was Monday when they left for Nicaragua. Would they make it to the airport on time, would they make their connection? Would they get to Managua ok? Would someone be there to pick them up? A weather delay in Atlanta had Daniel a bit nervous but soon the Delta flight was off, just a bit behind. I emailed, pestered more like it, everyone I knew in Nicaragua to make sure they would get picked up for the 2 hour ride to San Juan del Sur. Thanks to Cesar, I knew they were safe and on their way. A picture at assured me they were in one piece. Since then I have not heard from them. I can only assume they are enjoying themselves in a well deserved vacation.

The following Tuesday, a friend and I had a wonderful evening, the details of which remain with me. Relaxed, fulfilled, and relishing the attention, I realized that at least for a while, life can be worth all the tears.

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