Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hell in a Handbasket

To my eyes, the world, and the USA in particular, is in the fast lane to hell, securely trapped in that proverbial handbasket.

Really, just look at the news. Everything is negative. Layoffs and buyouts abound, sending employees and communities to uncertain futures while a few “stakeholders” get rich. Mrs McCain just made millions off the Busch-InBev deal that will soon devastate St Louis. All the money Busch put into the city as far as charitable contributions… likely gone. The new owner, who jets around the world, obviously doesn’t care.. besides more money for his beloved stakeholders to hoard.

No one is out and about. Who can afford it?? Gas is at an all time high, foreclosures wrack the housing market (though strangely not here as much as in some of the hot spots, where people went looking for sun and fun and found prices high as a kite), jobs going poof! all over the place, airlines tanking, autos dying, inflation at its highest levels in years. Read the paper with a bottle of pills and scotch to wash it down, that is what it will take!

Our justice and courts system is so corrupt and out of control that it honestly makes me puke to even think about it. People with cash and connections get by, the poor get slammed. So, how is that so different when we had dictators and kings running the show? Have we not progressed as a society in 250 years?

Try to have a serious political discourse and you get slapped, insulted and sidetracked with silly shit like Obama’s a muslim terrorist, someone “flip-flopped” about something, or wants to take your guns and kids away. Meanwhile an economy withers, a war rages, depression soars, and unemployment is the norm. But damn it, we can't have abortions, gun restrictions or homosexuals getting married.

Jeeez what a fucking mess.

I have the scotch.. all I need now are some good pills to finish it off.

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Anonymous said...

If nothing else, it's important to determine whether the next president will be a good steward of the economy and the country's various assets. Among things squaundered during the lost Bush decade are the USDollar, America's positive reputation (ask Germany how long it takes to recover from one big asshole), and yes, our entire economy.

The fact that high food and energy prices are here to stay means that American life as we knew it just a few years ago is gone forever. There is nothing left in family budgets to squeeze. You think InBev will increase salaries and wages of Busch workers? No, they've already said they'll cut everything they see. I'm suprised more US companies haven't been sold off, given that they're effectively 40 cents to the dollar.

What we need to ask Obama is how he will fix it. He's mastered the photo-op, a la Reagan, but his lurch to support FISA is why I couldn't support him; i.e., it's important to talk policy during a nomination, rather than saying 'change' over and over. Like Bush, he doesn't have a pet issue he brings to the office next January. Moreover, we need to be careful of the Democrats we elect, as the current Congress has given (Mr. 21% approval) Bush every single thing he's wanted in the past two years. If they won't stand up to that guy, what in the hell will they ever stand up for?

So remind me again, why did I vote Democrat? Wait, I just turned on FauxNews. The repubs are complete idiots, that's why.

I'm done with politicians. Today's breed are concerned only with election and reelection, not solving problems. I'm tired of photo-ops and colorful backdrops, I want Harry Truman back.