Sunday, June 15, 2008


I was asked to write and deliver a prayer for a church service this AM.

Father God:

From your vantage point, we must look like a great mass of beggars at the door.

Give me this

Grant me that

I need this

I need

I want

I hurt

Some of us beg with eyes upturned in hope, others in despair. Let me add my voice to the begging: forgive us, bless us, encourage us, comfort us.

Yes, we are beggars, but in reality only poor and hungry for your love and grace.

We may not understand the answers to our begging, and we may not understand why we even have to beg, but we know that you will take care of us. Our needs fulfilled, our hunger fed, our sorrow comforted, our sins forgiven. We know because we believe, we have faith and that through Jesus Christ your son and our savior, we will be changed from beggars to the richest blest, full of your grace, secure in your love.


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