Wednesday, June 25, 2008

HM Speaks

Palace Communications
Puggingham Palace

HM expressed her desire to speak to her subjects in an informal Q and A session this evening at Puggingham Palace.

HM was asked about her beloved garden at the Palace.
HM: My gardens is growings and is greens and pretty. We has flowers and grasses and my dearest friends, the birds, has a fountains with waters and sunflower seeds that my subject Mr. Will gives thems all the times. We hads lots of baby birdses this spring, and there are doveses. I rid the gardens of the evil Cats, I hates Catses because they poopses in my yards and eats the birdses. I hates that.

I do has squirrel issues. Edgar, the crazy squirrel, thinksses that I is goings to eats his nuts. I say: "Edgar, I am a PUG, The QUEEN OF ALL PUGS, I do NOTs eats walnuts". But Edgar is sillys and sits and howls and barks at my Glorious Presence when I am in the gardens. I has bannded him. He's nutty as his walnuts.

HM was asked if she has partaken of her beloved Walkabouts.
HM: Yes, I ordered the staff to takes me on a walkabouts this very evenings. It was HOTS and humids as it had rainded so it was a shorts one. I seeds my neighbor John, lots of my birdses friends and a taxi. The crazy DOG lady was not home, so I did not sees her. She worshipses me, but she yaps a lot.

HM was asked if there were any Royal Excursions planned for this Summer.
HM: I is staying mostly at my Palace. I order the limousine to takes me to the Three DOG Bakery from times to times and to see my friends Spike and Wheezie. Theys are Yorkies. I's goings to see my AUNT Donna in Illinois sometimes, but we has nots decidedsed when. I dids not goes to PUGTONA as it was too hots for me.

HM was asked about her Walruses.
HM: All walrusesess are happies. I loves ALL Walrusseses. Cecilia, Pacifica, Nereus, Wallace and Cola are all well and snug nexts to mys THRONE.

Any Parting words from Your Majesty?:
HM Be niceses to all peoples and PUGS and Birds (Catses not includeds), supports PUG Rescue, Eats LOTSES OF TREATS, and brush your teeth.

HM has retired to her throne room to rest. Thanks to all who phoned in their questions ~ Palace Communications

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