Thursday, March 13, 2008

Take That, Class

From our local paper:

"A Kansas City School District music teacher has been accused of assaulting some of her students. According to media reports, the incident occurred Tuesday. The teacher became angry as students were talking near the end of school. Reports say the teacher threw several chairs across the classroom, some of them hitting students.

The teacher also has been accused of grabbing the ears of two students and dragging them out of the room.

According to media reports, police issued the teacher a citation for child abuse. The teacher is on leave while an investigation into the incident continues."

I remember as a grade school kid having a couple of teachers who were just nuts and threw things at us. My 3rd grade teacher especially loved to kick chairs around and throw things. I do not specifically remember much of what she taught us, but do remember her temper. Even if it was reported, I am sure it was not dealt with much more than to not have her back in the school.That may have happened as I do not remember her being there long.

NO excuse for this, period. I know kids today are unruly, schools are battle grounds and places of terror and hate rather than learning. But as adults and role models, teachers have to place themselves above the fray. This lady obviously need to do something other than teach. I hear the local correctional institution is hiring.

Both of my kids thought of teaching careers, Maria still is,but Daniel wised up and realized it was a nightmare.

I have no solution for the education mess and despite his chest thumping squawking, neither does GW Bush.

I just wish when I was in 3rd grade, the police came and arrested my teacher. That would have been fun!

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